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A Time To Slow Down

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Slowing down after a long day at work with one of my confidants is always a wonderful experience, especially with my dear Jhenna who is full of humor, and no, sorry to disappoint, but we were not talking about boys.ūüėČ


This David Rubenstein Show Is Habit Forming


What makes a great leader? How can leadership be developed into a force for true achievement? The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations explores successful leadership through the personal and professional choices of the most influential people in business.

Renowned financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein travels the country talking to leaders to uncover their stories and their path to success. Each episode features an interview with one business leader.

From Bill Gates to Ken Chenault, from Indra Nooyi to Warren Buffett, from Eric Schmidt to Lloyd Blankfein, David goes in search of the fundamental insights that reveal what makes a truly great leader.

Mondays like this turns my brain juice into corporate thinker. ¬†Like my brain literally turns! ¬†The past weekend was a little friendly to me. ¬†I spent some “ME TIME”.

  • Painted
  • Clicked photos of a black cat
  • Had bottles of beer
  • Abused Netflix (Watched The Crown – The story of Queen Elizabeth)
  • Lazied a lot (Just belly popped and slept a lot!)
  • Enjoyed the afternoon drizzle
  • Played with my dog (Bullet the pug)

So now…it’s Monday! ¬†It’s a drill for me to read my Flipbaord and watch the news while I am having coffee in the morning before going to work. ¬†You know, you wouldn’t want to be left out during morning corporate conversations with your peers, right? ¬†Anyways, as I was playing with the TV Channels ¬†earlier, hovering from CNN to ANC, I clicked the Bloomberg Channel and came across¬†¬†David Rubenstein Show. ¬†Indeed, very interesting!

And as a treat for you my dear followers, I am sharing with you the episode where he interviewed one of my favorite leaders, Warren Buffet.  Talking about inspirational people?  Count me in!  I guess David will always be a part of my morning drill!

Just a teaser, we both didn’t ¬†want to go to college! ūüėÄ

Please check out the link:¬†Buffett Talks His Early Career in Finance and Advice for Investors on ‘The David Rubenstein Show’ Bloomberg Bloomberg

Happy Monday morning everyone, or happy Sunday to whichever part of the earth you are right now!

Corporate Mondays

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Not the perfect shot, but I would like to press a pause on this busy, manic Monday to give a warm shout out to the entire Leadership Team of Sales Rain BPO for providing me, and my department an untiring support to reach our corporate goal for 2016.  I am eternally grateful to everyone who has  been part of the team.  I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work and dedication each of you have poured into for the success of our company.  I cannot name you all, but if you will have the opportunity to read short literary, you would know that you are among, whom I am thankful for.

I also cannot thank all our client, partners, shareholders who’ve continuously ¬†patronized, and given us the sweetest feedback and who has treated Sales Rain BPO as one of theirs. ¬†You have all encouraged me so much over the past one year. ¬†To my Chairman, Mr. Parvez Khan and CEO, Mr. Rajeev Agarwal who have given me a place where I could channel my energy, creativity and passion that can serve others. ¬†To say that the past one year has been challenging would be ¬†huge understatement, but they’ve also been fun. ¬†It has taught me patience and compassion in ways I never thought possible. ¬†My job has opened my eyes to a colorful array of possibilities, and taught me how to deal with them. ¬†It has also forced me to immerse myself deeper into doing what I love to do, while learning more about myself in the process, and share these achievements with those around me – and I am happy to say that I am not done. ¬†Sales Rain would continue to evolve as I continue to learn. ¬†I am grateful to this part of my life, and couldn’t be prouder to say, this is one of the best chapters of my memoir.