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Hi 2017!


And that rollercoaster of a ride?  Well it ended with a bang!  Cheers to 2016!  Bring it on 2017!  Sharing with you all a photo of the fireworks, which I have taken the moment the clock stroke 12.  Can you see the heart in the sky? ❤



2016-10-30 06.56.26 1.jpg

My thoughts are totally unrelated to this photo.  However, fondest memories came rushing while I was passing through – At The Fort, BGC, Philippines.

Finally, in the place where some of my treasured memories linger!

Many find their bliss under blue skies and hot sun. Mine is looking back at happy moments with family and friends – the laughter, the craziness and endless adventures.

Hmmmm….home ❤

True Lies



He never liked you.

He never liked

your smile, nor your lips.

He never liked your vision, nor your eyes.

He never liked your touch, nor the creases on your hands.

He never liked your innocence, nor your fair skin.

He never liked your thoughts, nor your mind.

He never liked your care, nor your heart.

He only liked you for a game.  The happiness it brings when you were treated like a fool.

You made him king, but there was no kingdom to rule.

You put the sun in his sky, but the night was his home.

You made him a knight, but there we no battles to fight.

He never liked you, but he loved the reflection of the man he saw in your eyes.


Little China, A Look Back

…and because it’s the Chinese New Year, below are some snaps during my trip to what is known as Little China with my Didi Sneha, and Bhai Freddie.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

Little China, are you ready for me?
A note of hope and happiness for the less fortunate and disabled locals of this small town.  China you have been so wonderful!
Extend a life.  Give a hope.  By sitting on this wheel chair, with your photo to be posted on the streets of this little city, you get to donate one wheel chair to one of the Chinese nationals who needs it the most.  Oh, believe me, I was so shy – but anything, for a good cause I will do!  Thank’s for the little push of my Didi Sneha.
Exploring the streets of China in my kurta, with one of my Didis, Sneha – the real Indian. 🙂

Finding Solitude


My soul revels in off-season.  Bitter wind whistling on a barren beach.  Mitten hands currled around a hot drink as the sun peeks sleepily over the horizon.

Shuttered windows…

Shortened hours…

That’s my time, and I am used to having it all to myself.

Back in the fast lane…

Back to reality…

My day has come to an end.  Finally I am rewarded with silence…

but I am still yearning for that precious solitude.