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…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world


When the world reminds you that today is going to be a beautiful day, and this is just the beginning.⛅️

A National Geographic moment.  Feeling like a combination of Paul Nicklen and Keith Ladzinski, and because pleated skirt is the “in” thing. He!  He!😝 – Batangas City, Philippines


Too Much For One Heart



Outside there is a war,
In here the night is still.
The jasmine buds have bloomed,
The way the jasmine will.

And i have given birth to a speckle of dust,
To a sparkle of light
To a small hint of life.

Frail as a flower in the morning
Is this tiny work of art
When i see his face before me
This is too much for one heart

Here like a seedling in the garden
Is a world about to start
How i need you here to share it
This is too much for one heart

Yours, half of all of this is yours
And i swear it on the moon

Soon you will see, the best of you and me
In the smile that is shining
On the face of your son
All alone in my arms I hold such beauty

I want time to stop right here
Make perfection last forever
In which i could disappear, disappear.

Yours, half of all of this is yours
And now i feel you coming near
Here, you will see the best of you and me
For life stories combining
In this life we’ve begun

I have been living with such wonder
That my soul could burst apart,
Knowing soon well be together
And its too much for one heart.

Moments like this when sleep is million miles away, while my spirit seems to be in pain, struggling in the silence of the evening.

Currently listening to Too Much for One Heart by Lea Salonga on @AppleMusic.  https://itun.es/ph/68bneb?i=1144266761

Diwali 2016



Of all mutitudes of deities and gods that constitute the Hindu religion, lord Ganesh is probably the most loved and revered of all, regardless of individual beliefs and customs.  Considered the god of good beginnings and wisdom.  I have learned that it is in his name that new ventures were undertaken and important life decisions were made.  Today, I pay homage to all my Indian friends who became second family to me (you know who you all are) who are kind enough to welcome, and share with me a part of your beautiful tradition that through the years of celebrating the Diwali Festival with you, has become part of me.  My spirit is in so much solidarity tonight. Much love to you all!

Long Weekend


Well as most of you know, Philippines is one among many countries around the world that is flooded with Holidays in the calendar.  We celebrate almost everything – from Heroes, to Saints, Birthdays of former Presidents, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, New Year, National Heroes Day, All Saints Day,  and yes, the Halloween (All Souls Day).

You see, a lot of the peeps back here are having a good time because of the long weekend.  As I get to follow the American Calendar because of my job, I needed to check what we are celebrating today, and based on Mr. Calendar:

October 30 – Diwali Festival (Okay this is an Indian Festival), but for most of you who have been following my blogs for some time, would know that I am a Filipino by blood, Indian by heart, so I am celebrating it today. 🙂

October 31 – Special Non-Working Holiday (and I don’t really know why it’s non-working holiday today).

November 1 – All Saints Day (So there’s no work on Monday)

November 2 – All Souls Day (Again no work on Tuesday)

Well…I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles…

So I decided to spend this slow Sunday afternoon and belly pop with the nocturnal creeps, Jha and Ryan (Okay, they are Filipinos).

Tonight, I should doll up and celebrate the Diwali with my Indian family, and my heart says, “Thump!  Thump!  Thump!”

-At Kuppa Roastery & Café, The Fort, BGC, Philippines


2016-10-30 06.56.26 1.jpg

My thoughts are totally unrelated to this photo.  However, fondest memories came rushing while I was passing through – At The Fort, BGC, Philippines.

Finally, in the place where some of my treasured memories linger!

Many find their bliss under blue skies and hot sun. Mine is looking back at happy moments with family and friends – the laughter, the craziness and endless adventures.

Hmmmm….home ❤



Do you chase photos, or do the photos chase you, tripping over themselves with excitement to join whatever beautiful moment you’ve found yourself?

Believe me, I am happy here, the sunlight just made my face look cranky. :p

What more can I ask for?

  1. I am on a weekend getaway
  2. Baguio welcomed me with open arms without the need for me to wear make-up
  3. I do not look like a zombie in this photo
  4. It’s all but fresh air
  5. No traffic,
  6. and now I am on my way to pick some fresh strawberries in La Trinidad.

Life’s simple pleasures…love!

Love Can Move Mountains

Me 2_a

They say love can move mountains. My kind of love is something that can move the universe. ❤

With a little faith
Just a little trust
If you believe in love
Love can move mountains
Believe in your heart
And feel, feel it in your soul
And love baby

Love can move mountains…

Happy Valentines Day my WordPress friends around the world!