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A Time To Slow Down

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Slowing down after a long day at work with one of my confidants is always a wonderful experience, especially with my dear Jhenna who is full of humor, and no, sorry to disappoint, but we were not talking about boys.😉


Thursdays Like This

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Nothing beats breakfast in bed with the one I love beside me – my job (while watching Donald Trump running his last Presidential Campaign in Florida).  This guy cracks me up – seriously.😝

Bdw, not white bed sheets.  It’s not breakfast in bed.  It’s breakfast on couch while dreaming of my bed.  Good morning beautiful earthlings!



I learned a long time ago not to seek approval from people, rather to do what’s in my heart. From that point on I started making decisions that were in line with my core values and principles.

I do not believe in revenge, I do not believe in negativity in any form anymore. I am thankful for the people who doubted me, because they set me free to make decisions without seeking approval.

I hope one day they will see you that you have a dream…
that you have faith in yourself,
that you can beat the damn odds, backed with lifetime of hard work, with the optimism that one day you will realize your dream,
and them, not finding roots of weaknesses in you.

A New Day Has Come

It  doesn’t matter much where your dreams will take you tonight.  What matters more is where you will take your dreams tomorrow – and I am chasing rainbows in the sky on this serene and beautiful evening.  Time is turning the pagesa new day has come!

First evening at work.  Sales Rain BPO, are you ready for me?