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Motivation Mafia 1

Motivation Mafia 1

I will be successful, because I am crazy enough to believe I can’t fail.


I Am What I Am

Do you know who you were, before they told you who you should be?

“I want to be an astronaut when I grow up,” said young Delilah.

“You live in a tiny village outside a small town next to a great big city.” said her mother.  “You will stay here and work on our farm.  You will never be an astronaut.”

Indeed, Delilah worked on the farm for many years and grew old.  On her final day, in the care of the local villagers, she turned and asked, “Was I an astronaut?”  And they said, “Yes.  You were a great astronaut.”  And she said, “Really?  I was?”  And they said, “Shhh…No more talking.”

(Inspired from the book of Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously I’m Kidding)



When I fly in my dreams I am the absolute WORST. I hit walls. I skid off buildings. On a bad night, I overshoot entire planets. But still I go to sleep hoping to soar.


Totally unrelated to this photo, but today I spent a long and wonderful time with my boss, Sir PK, who’ve just arrived from the U.S., but didn’t bother his jet lag, and chose to spend a fine afternoon over an extra hot cup of coffee with me.

We’ve spent five long hours discussing corporate, while teaching me strategies on how to handle my business dealings in their absence (Sir Rajeev and him), while managing our operations here in the Philippines.  It takes a lot of courage and a deep sense of pride to see myself sitting next to the owner of the company that I work for, who has proven so much during his entire career through his achievements, and I am humbled.  We’ve met couple of clients in the afternoon and taught me business relations on a different level.  It was awesome!

Well, I am not here to basically share corporate discipline and strategies.  (I bet you know them better than me.)  But among all the good things that he have taught me today, one thing stroke me the most.  He said, “You see in our business dealings, many times we were cheated and fooled by other businessmen, but we did not stop trusting blindly.  You should not stop trusting people AJ, and see the good in them.  You gain the business or not, you work on gaining friendship.  That’s how you grow your network.  You should never stop trusting blindly, same goes with your personal life, if at some point, during your close encounters with other people, and they hurt you, it should not teach you to close your heart.”

The fact that you are here today means, that you’ve conquered every pain, and hardship, and obstacle that littered the pathways of your past.  A giant feat you can repeat over and over again.  Let’s not forget our strength in the moments when we feel small.  Because in the grandest of schemes, we were always small, but always capable of great things.

On a side note, I am counting the days until I set foot to where my heart has always stayed – India.

Dreams will be sweet, for sure.  Goodnight! xx