Temptation Island

This year, I celebrated my Birthday with my good friends at work.  Location?  Boracay, Philippines.  (Temptation Island)

Another year has gone by. Happy Birthday to me!

A day of island hopping.

Always be at Starbucks whereverwhenever with my friend and mentor Jason.

Early morning walk while the boys are still cuddling in bed.


Always different.

Do you see the heart?

AJ’s happy shot.

Island Romancing.

Wanderlust: Temptation Island

A day like this. Talking to one of the locals of Boracay. It was an amazing experience. We talked about surfboarding, (which reminded me of my bad balance) the life in Katiklan, sandcastles, and how her life goes beside the beach. (I sort of life envied that part. If only I can work at the Metro and sign off beside the beach.)

True this “pie-in-the-sky” is one of my favorite places – my intersection of want and need. Air in abundance. Water in abundance. Life in abundance. All of it, always right here in abundance.

Thank you to my friend Mario for taking this snap. His bubbling fictive paid off, I think, and yes, I am the tall girl on the left.

The day I volunteered to one of Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko’s ( I Love My Brethren) outreach program in collaboration of GMA 7, and SM Foundation.  Doing what makes other people happy in my little way gives me a lot of reason to reasons to believe that life, despite of all it frailties is still beautiful.

If it isn’t sun soaked and salty, then it isn’t summer.  This photo though was taken during one of my vacations in Marinduque, Philippines in 2003, where I also experienced the Moriones Festival with my very good friends.  Life is good!

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