Diane Sawyer for Company

(while I am literally stuck in C5 Road.)

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I am currently reading 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America by Edward Goldberg.  Check this book.  It is non-fiction written by Bernard Goldberg, which was published in 2005.  The book’s central idea is to name and blame a long list of celebrities, politicians etc. for making the United States a not so happy place to live, which made it quite interesting.


There have been many dumb celebrity interviews on “news” magazine programs; many that have nothing to do with the real news that no self-respecting journalist would ever do.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate Diane Sawyer

But the”exclusive” interview that Diane Sawyer with Britney Spears for Primetime Thursday in 2013…- for me, anyway – was the day the music died.

Anyways, some people are still amused of how I can read in a moving car.  Is that an old person thing to say?