…and because it’s the Chinese New Year, below are some snaps during my trip to what is known as Little China with my Didi Sneha, and Bhai Freddie.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

Little China, are you ready for me?
A note of hope and happiness for the less fortunate and disabled locals of this small town.  China you have been so wonderful!
Extend a life.  Give a hope.  By sitting on this wheel chair, with your photo to be posted on the streets of this little city, you get to donate one wheel chair to one of the Chinese nationals who needs it the most.  Oh, believe me, I was so shy – but anything, for a good cause I will do!  Thank’s for the little push of my Didi Sneha.
Exploring the streets of China in my kurta, with one of my Didis, Sneha – the real Indian. 🙂