Sundays Like This

The past week’s been very long for me.  It’s Sunday, and earlier today, I needed to come to the office to work.  Work makes me happy.  My erratic schedule keeps my blood warm, and motivated.  But today, I have decided to make a change – just basically for fun.  I have decided to bring my laptop with me and brought it to one of our new rendezvous, called, Cafe’ Enye, and decided to work from there from 10:30AM till 4PM.   T’was fun, aside from the serenity of the place, the panorama made me feel I am not working at all.  People watching, visitors of the resto, and passers by always amaze me.

Today, I really wanted to do something different so, after pulling off from work, I have decided to buy a small box of cake, and took a bus ride to Tagaytay City – alone.  Road trips are fun, it makes me drain and flush my anxiety, and stress.  It refreshes my thoughts, and make me think bigger.  The marble cake from Tous de Jours was awesome company by the way.

It was almost sunset when I have reached, so I thought, “Why not click a snap?”  I have always been a big fun of sunsets!


I spent most of the time contemplating about work, and personal life, while reading this old book, which I bought from the book sale called, The Elephant, The Tiger and The Cellphone (Reflections on India, The Emerging 21st Century by Sashi Taroor ) while repeatedly played one of my new favorite Indian songs, Yeh Hai Meri Kahani (This Is My Story).  Very beautiful song.  It’s among the few that touches my soul, and makes me feel alive.

Being alone once in a while is beautiful.  It tells me who my real friends are.


I dug so deep in moment of silence that I didn’t notice the time.  It was wonderful!  In spite of my being friendly, I really do not have any issues being alone.  I love having new friends, but as I have said in my previous blog, I am also in the process of knowing the ones for keeps. 🙂

…and that moment when I thought I got free from you (at least for one day), when you are my way of fooling myself that having a doze of you a day, will keep me productive all day.

5:45AM, Monday, 2 February 2016, from sunset till sunrise!

I love how the start of each new day brings with it a wave of good intentions, and purpose, and positive belief that this will be the day when I can actually do “this and that”, and achieve “this and that”.  I feel like 365 days is too long a time to have just one goal.  I much prefer to think of words.  And this year I’ve decided that my word would be COMMIT.

Commit to my intentions.

Commit to drinking deep of life.

Commit to seeing a new corner of the world.

Commit to work that I’ve started, and the plans I’ve shelved for ages.

Commit to my family, and waking up an extra early to spend a little more time watching the sun rise from my window.

Commit to becoming a more wonderful, loving, and trustful version of myself.

Commit to exercise (again).

The list is as endless, and the world is vast, and as you can already tell, there’s so much I can do with that word alone.  I love how one “word” can change more in my life than an entire sentence.  Sometimes, it’s really the smallest things that make all the difference.

…and as much as I would like to stay back, and share my random thoughts, I need to travel back to Manila, for a long day with Sir PK, my Chairman, and my boss.

I’ll see you guys later.


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