Because I Am Free

What a shame if all of you believe “exists” is what can be shown statistically.  I feel very sorry for you indeed if you are ruled only by what you can measure, because I am intrigued by unmeasurable.  I am intrigued by the dreams, not only of what is here.  I can see it.  That’s fine, measure it if you want to spend your life measuring it, but I am concerned with what is out there.  There is so much that we don’t see, we don’t touch, we don’t feel, we don’t understand.

We assume that reality is the box we’ve been put in, and it’s not, I assure you.  Open the door sometime and look outside and see how much there is.  The dream of today will be the reality of tomorrow.

Yet we’ve forgotten how to dream, to feel, to live, to be free and be crazy.


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