Random Thoughts 14

7_aTell me about yourself
Tell me what make your eyes light up
What makes that beautiful smile grace your face
Tell me things you love doing as a child
and the things that seem to make time faster
Your dreams, goals, ambitions
they will never seem silly to me.

Tell me what keeps you awake at 3 in the morning
when everything is still and peaceful
except for that heart of yours
Tell me about the experiences that changed you
for better or for worse
Tell me about your fears and inhibitions
I promise we’ll work on them together.

Tell me your beliefs
your thoughts on the world
everything and anything in between
I may or may not agree
but tell me
for I will be grateful
for a different lens to look through
and the expansion of my knowledge.

I swear I’ll never get bored
and I’ll tell you what makes my heart sing
and even ache
So please skip the formalities
and tell me what matters to you
And maybe one day
you’ll tell others
how much I mean to you.


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