Tuesday morning while on my way to work where I got stuck in traffic for two and a half hours along C5 Road.  End result – late in my meeting.  Impeding my anger level a few notches by taking selfie. Fighting boredom. Oh yeah, yeahit’s retarded. I’m retarded.

In the evening, heavy rain flooded most parts of Metro Manila (Tuesday, 8 September) resulting in hordes of stranded commuters and gridlocked motorists during the rush hour, virtually freezing most parts of every city.  It made headlines in the morning. Not happy. The traffic is already a problem that we all need to deal with, but you have no rights to whine and complain about the traffic due to floods when you:

A. Do not recycle.
B. Do not practice waste management.
C. Cut the trees

Do not blame the government about it.  Blame yourself.


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