(L) Lola Leony at 97. (R) Lola Procy at 93.

The month of July holds a special place in my heart.  Memories as essential as breath, this month contains an abundance of celebration of the lives of the people who are dear to me.

From my Tita Aleli, to Tito July, who’ve been my angels in disguise the moment I opened my eyes in this tiny spec of dust in the universe called earth. 😛

To my Tita V, who always carried herself with poise and class, which by the way, are traits that I admire about her since I was a kid.

The creative side of me was enhanced by Ate Neri.  I have beautiful recollection of my childhood with her.  I remember, my cousin Lowella and I used to spend some of our summer afternoons with her, where she would teach us how to do the embroidery – “stitches and things”.   Life was simple then.  Less complicated and wonderful.

How can I forget my Tita Sally on the list, who taught me to raise my dreams to a higher level?

I am in deep awe and admiration as I take part in the celebration of the incredible lives of these two women in my family.  My Lolas (grandmas) are blessed with long and beautiful lives.  From the the recent birthday celebration of Lola Leony who turned 97, followed by Lola Procy who welcomed 93, it makes me look forward to see myself all grayed while elegantly aging like them.  They remind me that wrinkling is part of human experience, and it’s beauty is something to embrace.

They say that a little humor is good, regardless of how old you might be.  Is that their secret to their long lives?  I wonder.

Here’s holding to faith that the Lord God show his love and generosity, by showering your lives with  grace of many more brighter years ahead surrounded by the people you love.

Much love to all of you! ❤


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