Stop Yulin Festival – For Good!

I cannot ever imagine the nightmare of ever losing my dog to the brutality and horror that occurs annually in the Southern China’s Yulin Festival. Friends, this is a disgusting, sick event where thousands upon thousands of dogs are stolen and abducted from the safety of their homes and tortured, burned and skinned alive for their meet.  I’ve seen heartbreaking images of children crying beside their beloved pets that were boiled to death, or dogs being dragged on a leash behind moving cars, and dogs’ limbs being severed one by one while fully conscious, only to be skinned alive! Where is the humanity in all this?

It is disturbing to know that there are people out there who could bear to do such heartless acts. It needs to stop now!  Please sign the petition link:

and let your voices be heard.  Together we can all put an end to the Yulin Festival for good!


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