Random Thoughts 3

I’m restless in all areas of my life, all the time.  I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t .  For years, I have fought this itchy mind of mine, accusing it of ungratefulness.  I condemned my twitching attention span and spoke cruelly to my wonderful heart.  I demanded emotional stillness and I was angry when I responded with rebellion.  Then one day, really, that’s what all it took.  I let it all go.  I loosened my grip.  I relaxed my judgement.  I looked myself in the eye and said, for the first time ever, “Hello”.  And together we’ve wandered eve since.  Now I know the stillness finds me when I write, the words are where I expand effortlessly to fill whatever space of time I carve out of myself.  But I had to arrive to this realization somehow.  And commanding myself to stay put was never going to be the answer.  Find your own way my friends. xx


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