A California Childhood

photo 1

Been sitting out here in my favorite place, every morning, while quietly  watching the sun rise.  The wind tangling my hair, my feet curled beneath me, a cup of hot coffee warming my palms, with a beautiful book on my lap.  The sky goes from gray to blue, and birds are swooping  overhead, chirping happily while building a nest on the beams above.  There is a choir of crickets singing wonderfully around me, their song getting louder and louder the harder I listen.  And my little furry sidekick is asleep on my slippers.  I am seemingly alone, but not really.  I do enjoy the company I keep in the wee hours of the morning.  Makes me wonder if the feeling is mutual.

Done.  Excellent book!  I know a LOT of people who need to read this and reexamine their lives, their values and expectations.  Especially those sons and daughters of so and so and so and so….A California Childhood written by James Franco.  Light reading, while going down memory lane, as you witness an excellent actor in the making.  I must say I was thoroughly impressed.

Simple pleasures and childhood memories.


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