Today, I turned a year older.  I grew a little more wiser in the process.  If I could give my little self a big squeeze, I would.  If I could tell my younger self few things, this is probably what would escape my mouth:

1. Life doesn’t begin at 1, or 10, or 30.  It begins whenever you want it to.

2. Listen to your father.  You really don’t need all that make up.

3.  Hotdogs aren’t supposed to be red, and  margarine won’t make you tall.

4. You don’t really want to be a Disney Princess.  You just want to be able to talk to all those animals.

5. You were right.  You really won’t need trigonometry in your life.  You won’t even pick those scientific calculators ever again.  Neither will you need geometry.  But accounting, ha!  Perhaps you should listen in class just a bit.

6. You are not the cutest baby.  Your future son is.

7. Don’t measure your happiness with a tape measure around your waist.  You will be that Supergirl at some point, but somebody out there will always be better than you.

8. Don’t worry you won’t ever have a son.  You’ll get your wish in time.  Prolly three times more!

9. Don’t worry about hard times because some of the most beautiful things you have in life come from changes and mistakes – and being a whole lot crazy.

10. Your dreams are much bigger than one man.

11. Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

12. Don’t save it all on Christmas Day, continue finding ways to give love everyday.

13. At this point, you’ll be pretty darn proud of yourself.  So keep on smiling.  You’re doing good kid!