I Have An Old Soul

Just for fun, I’ve decided to take an online quiz called, Which Era Do You Belong In.  Check out my quiz summary:

I have always had this feeling that I do not belong in this era.  The idea often reminds me that I should’ve been born during the 1920s or earlier.  I am fascinated with Victorian novels, Artie Shows and his Orchestra.  The Mafia era, the old phones, the cars, and the atmosphere has always influenced my style.  I love hanging out with my good friends and spend some time with them, but my idea of a “real” good time is going somewhere alone, explore and walk around alone, and be just myself.  If I go to a cafe’, I’ve always daydreamed of visiting Vienna (or similar to old style coffee shop) where I can enjoy the classical music in the background, and taste the traditional pastries.  I love going back to the time when Greece was the greatest empire, the home of philosophers, doctors, poets, and artists.  My love for solitary existence isn’t a preference or an antisocial temperament, I guess I just really have an old heart, and an old soul.


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