Ah!  The week that passed was crazy!  Okaycrazy, but fun!  I was busy getting in touch with my friends (on top of work) basically to come up with some get away for the summer.  As many of you know, I am friendly.  I have set of friends with different personalities, lifestyles, and even nationalities, and trust me, they all come in different sizes and shapes, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you see me getting all mixed up as to who among my close friends should I prioritize to go out with this summer.

Well, I thought as I write this blog, I won’t write about my week in an orthodox manner.  You know, like me typing and storytelling, and you, reading it.  Nah!  It’s boring!

Please meet Johnvee.  Okay, FYI, he is not a photographer by profession and he isn’t even a “wannabe”.  This picture is just for “posing for good picture remembrance.”  He is one of our ITs at work, who became a very good friend after sharing a series of crazy things over bottles of beer, and now one of my best boy-friends and a brother.  He woke me up earlier at around 2:30amish just to ask how I spent my Saturday and to tell me that he went out for a date with his new “Barbie”.  (Sorry, I cannot mention her name.)   Ah!  The perks of being one of the boys I tell you!  Well, for some reason, it’s really okay, (at least for me) being bugged in the middle of my sleep.  I guess that’s what “true” good friends are about, like, Johnvee really doesn’t mind if I snore like a boar inside the car on our way home with another good friend Ashish, after getting ourselves all sloshed after our night out.  Hehe!  I can just be me with these guys, though I don’t normally snore except when my boys exhaust the very last energy and nutrient left in me.  Most often than not, they forget that at the end of the day, I am still “Mulan” – the only girl in the group.  Well, we talked for nearly an hour and again, touch-based on how we will spend our summer and the three events, which we need to squeeze in our May agenda.  He wants us to go to Coron Beach.

A kid trapped inside a man’s body.  Yep!  That is him.  Meet Adrian.  One of my boy-friends.  I knowhe looks like a terrorist, but he is not.  Ha-ha!  He hasn’t bombed any building or hijacked any plane in his life!  If you know him, like, know him well, you’ll find a gentle and loving kid in him, and very funny person.  He used to be my boss and became a very good friend, almost like a brother – a very naughty brother!  (By the way, he’s friends with Johnvee too, so you can picture how crazy our circle is!)  If you want to define adventure in a different manner, you’ve got to see this guy.  He’s like a leaf.  He just let the wind blow wherever it takes him, and he knows exactly how to cherish the moment.  He is a vagabond by heart.  I own a pair of good memories with him, and one of my favorites were when we played the paintball under the rain.  It was so much fun!  I got a couple of bruises after, but I really didn’t mind.  It was priceless!  Okay, he’s been calling me for almost the entire week because he wants me to join him in Subic Bay for the Balloon Festival and then party next weekend with some of our good friends.

Please meet Freddy. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know, but he is the total opposite of Freddy Krueger, I don’t know if you guys have heard of him, but he is the vengeful spirit in the film Nightmare on Elm Street who attacks his victims from within their dreams. Yes, he also works on your dreams, but in a very fanciful way of making them come true. I remember we were less than a week as friends, but he joined me in my adventure in swimming with the dolphins, which by the way is on my Bucket List. Dream come true! We also went for an extreme adventure when we went to Subic and enjoyed the safari. If you want to have someone who knows how to defy “extreme” and its classic rules, my friend Freddy is the man! One thing that makes him different from my other Indian friends is that he is not very choosy of foods. I mean, he eats almost anything, like crocodile burgers, balut (aborted duck) and even bugs! Ha-ha! He is the kind of friend who will let your spirits be free, but knows exactly how slap you back to reality when your being “extreme” is turning dark. You know what I’m saying? Reason behind that is because I have this tendency to cross the line in some of our adventures at times. Hehe! Well, like the others, he’s been calling me for almost the entire week in prep for Joanna’s Birthday celebration, and we’ve been busy looking for the best cake in town and the best theme for her birthday on top of her party on the third of May. Much love to you Freddy! Love! Love!

Yo party people, let’s make some noise for the ultimate party girl!  Now the party won’t start till Joanna Ravanzo walks in!  I mentioned her name earlier, right?  She’s the girl, who’s been occupying Freddy’s time.  Okay, mine too!  We have been very busy preparing for her upcoming birthday, and we’ve almost visited the entire Philippines looking for the best destination to celebrate her birthday.  A cheerful and undying heart – never tamed.  That is her.  I think the reason why we are very, very good friends is because we share many things in common.  One is, we love celebrating our birthdays with a blast and the second is, we both love dreaming big and we have the nerve to pursue them.  We relish every moment that happiness brings, no matter how simple it is, and we live our lives our way, not anybody’s rule, or opinion on how to live it.  WARNING: A lot of people around us, hate us for reasons we really don’t understand.  We have a lot of backstabbers, we could be dead ages ago if you take that literally!  Now really, who cares for other people’s shiz?

Meet my college best friend Glenys!  She taught me that two people who are destined to be good friends for life, no  matter how time and distance separates them, they will find each other’s path in the end.  Love birds?  Ha-ha!  But I guess that’s how our friendship is like.  College best friend.  I am sure you can imagine by now the picture of us two, being good friends, and how much we know each other.  She’s almost like a sister to me that Glenys is among the very few people who knows how to deal with me, and my tantrums.  In short, tame me!  Ha-ha!  All she needs to do is to sing “Build Me Up Buttercup” by the Foundation.  We have been consistently communicating the entire week for our road trip to Ilocos Norte, which is pending for ages.  You won’t believe the trail of email that was eaten during this planning stage and yet, right at this very minute, we haven’t come up with any.  So the saga continues.

In celebration of “Siblings Day”, please meet my alter ego, and my sister, Sherelou.   I always consider that I am blessed because I always get to have the best of both worlds in every way possible.  I mean, I have a couple of friends, “good friends” actually whom I consider siblings by heart both Indians and Filipinos, and then I have my siblings by blood.  We have been very busy lately for summer activities too, but it’s going to be too much for sharing as of the moment.  Hehe!  Every day is a hectic day with her, the non-stop laughing and eating, weekend shopping and those slow moments where we just lie on the bed and chat over nonsense things.  Happy times!

I couldn’t start to describe how crazy this past week was.  I spent at least 9-10 hours talking on the phone, speaking with each one of them – planning.  And did I forget to mention that it was round the clock?  I can’t believe it!  My cellphone was ringing off the hook, and now, I finally have ample of time on my hands to slow down and relax.  It’s a happy thought, realizing you have sets of good friends who wants to share their summer vacation with you as they create unforgettable moments of being sun-kissed.  That makes me happy.  I must have done something good, which made these guys to long for my company.

I started wanting to write something, but couldn’t think of a topic to write, and ended up with – this.  Sorry, I am currently studying about Christopher Marlowe’s work on top of my activities in the office, as well as the story that I am conceptualizing, that I burned some brain cells, so I really don’t have any creative juice as of the moment to come up with a sensible topic to write.

If anyone has interesting subject suggestions for me to write about, just rank it in the comment box or you can blast me an email too!