I may not be at school, but comfort reading, rereading and easy reading is something I’ve been doing a lot lately.  When I am not reading for work purposes, and lacking the energy to start something new, I try to bring back the hands of time by returning to something familiar, which, if I am lucky, and lucky enough to forget the plot of the story, I will be able to enjoy imagining the places, the feelings and understanding the thoughts of the characters in the story just like the very first time.

Reading is a great form of entertainment!  A paperback book doesn’t hold up much space so you can take it anywhere, and you’ll never be lonely or bored if you have a book in your bag.  You can read while waiting in a queue, while waiting for a friend who’s running late, or during a flight delay at an airport.   Oh, and it’s a great companion at the coffee shop too!

I have randomly picked some of my favorite Classic Novels, and thought of creating a short video of  it, so it would not be boring while you check on my list.  These are the books, which I have somehow relate to, have filled up my senses, and felt like I am one of the characters who played in those many beautiful stories, which were sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes horrible, and yes, sometimes delirious!

Have you checked your bookshelf lately?