Today I am happy except for the weather, which makes me very cranky.

I got myself convinced that, that book from “Ratatouille” is true.  I can finally cook! (Without burning it!)  I have been told countless times that cooking is all about gut feel but I say, “It’s gut feel and common sense.”  So I decided to prepare tocino.  It’s the basic; all I need to do is to fry it, right?  But I got it all mixed up because I have heard before that one can mix it with 7-Up  (Yes!  The soda.) while preparing it. – Now that is not so basic anymore!  So I decided to call my younger brother for help.  His instructions were pretty much A-B-C so I was excited to do it.  I didn’t know that I would need to boil the meat first before frying, unlike the others where you can place it directly to the pan and fry.  It made me a little skeptical at first cause I was afraid to create a mistake and end up eating a “burned breakfast” but since my brother is a good cook, I made a clear cut to carefully follow his instructions.

Funny for most of you who get to read this post, because frying, “as simple as it is,” came not as easy for me to do.  I always end up burning hotdogs and cannot perfect frying an egg.  It is really a sad day for me when I want to eat a good meat,but cannot, just because I do not know how to cook, and need to choose from my three choices:

A. Call McDonald’s
B. Open a ready-to-cook noodles
C. Open a canned tuna/corned beef

But today is a different day.  I was able to prepare tocino, without burning it, and salted egg with tomatoes for side dish, which pretty much summed up my morning – a happy breakfast it was, and I leave it to you to imagine how much I congratulate myself!