Well the real kicker happened today when I saw over the news a “Countdown till Christmas.”  Yes, it’s 96 days to go before the happy holidays, and that means I have 86 days before my birthday.  I paused a little and tried to think of how I will be celebrating my big day this year.   Aside from all the parties, I always make it to the point that I get to spend some of my time with the kids every year, especially with the “Batang K Foundation,” and it has been an orthodox to me since 2006.

You see, I am a birthday person, when some people would spend their birthdays just like an “ordinary day,” a “usual day,” – I don’t.  I spend ample of time preparing and I make sure that mine is an event to remember.  I’ve always believed that one should always celebrate his birthday no matter how simple it is because it is another year, blessed by God for you.

As I have said, I still do not have a picture of how I will celebrate my birthday just as I do not know what my Halloween costume will be, but for the meantime, I want to share with you some snaps of where it all started.  I’ll take you all the way back to 2006, the year when I started supporting “Kapwa Ko, Maha Ko” (I Love My Brethren) and joined the “Batang K Foundation.”

My Birthday in 2006 with Batang K Foundation together with my friend Peggy Lara, and a set of new friends, and their kind hearts who went all the way from Batangas City to show their love and support for the Batang K.

I really believe that there is magic in everyone’s birthday.  I have never met the people in this picture before, except for Peggy.  We were introduced on that day itself, and yet this snap is filled with smiles and happy thoughts, and from this moment, on a beautiful and wonderful friendship was built. Now that is magic!

We prepared some activities for the kids by inviting magicians, clowns, jugglers, as well as a face painter, to make the day more fun.

Yes, I am still that kid who loves playing under the sun, who believes in Santa Claus, that witches flies in the sky in their brooms, and trick or treats, fairy godmothers and their magic wands. I still enjoy marshmallows and cotton candies, chocolates and chips de luxe!

Queli and Klein, happy to share their blessings with Batang K (Batang Kanser/ Cancer Kids) and their first debut on television.

With two of the kids whom I obviously adore.  Their mom Ivy Sugano,  happened to be one of my very good friends from previous work, and I am very happy that she let her kids spend some time with me on this important event.

Of course the kids went wild when Shakey’s Mascot came out! The old ones joined the kiddos too, including me!

Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

Believe it or not, but I find myself older, only when I see it in print.

Part of the activity was gift-giving. The old and the young prepared gifts and loot bags for “Batang K” (Cancer Kids) as their Christmas present. Everyone was happy and there was so many smiling faces during my birthday.

Up to this day, I am still very thankful to all my friends and loved ones who took the time, money and effort to support my little endeavor.  In 2006, I have declared that December 15 (my birthday) as an official “Gift Giving Day,” (at least in my calendar) that instead of me, receiving presents, I, together with my good friends will be the one giving gifts instead.  It doesn’t need to be tangible or expensive.  I have always believed that gifts come in many forms and in different ways.

For my 2006 Birthday, I brought my college friends and close office mates with me for BK’s Kiddie Party. They played Ate and Kuya and helped on cheering the kids with their Christmas gifts. My friend Peggy also invited her family and good friends from Batangas City, whom eventually became my good friends too!

With me is Lhyza of Batang K Foundation, who’ve rendered so much time and effort on ensuring that our kiddie party would be successful.

With little Klein, who woke up so early just to bring her gifts for the cancer kids this Christmas and party with Tita Kharen.

These kids can’t wait to finish rounds of Happy Birthday song and blow our happy cake!

Here’s the parting snap from the whole group. Everyone had a good time and went home not just with the gifts that they have received but also they brought with them the love of the people who celebrated with our kiddie party. – These are the special times, and these special times are the moments I’ve spent with you.

All these would not be possible without the untiring support of my “Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Family” and GMA Channel 7, for never failing me to throw amazing kiddie parties.  Everyone always gets so much fun.  I also need to thank the kids of BK for lending their time, and share their zest of life!

This would also not be complete without thanking my parents too, who instilled in me the importance of giving back and sharing my blessings.

I hope that during your next celebration, may it be your Birthday, a simple gathering or just a celebration of blessings, may you find time to pay it forward by sharing it with people who needs more love than you.  A little act of kindness means a lot to someone, while your minute is worth a lifetime for others, and please – don’t save it all on Christmas day, find your way to give a little love every day.