Corey (Left) and Rick (Right) Harrison of Pawn Stars

Today, we needed to kick start earlier than the usual because we’re up to my much awaited event.  I am going to join those who will welcome The Pawn Stars in Glorietta.  I was still groggy from last night’s but I need to keep myself moving because I am going to see my guys, (Rick and Corey Harrison).  Though my brother won’t be able to join, my sister is all geared for the event to support me.  I was very excited while we were on our way.  My sister secured me a Gold Pawn Card to ensure that the experience would be worth it!  I was so happy.

Soon after we’d arrived at the venue, I’ve immediately noticed that the place was pretty much disorganized. I heard some arguments almost from every corner of the place.  Expectators and the people who have tickets were all mixed up, and seemed lost. We (My sister and I) took the very long line and waited for the file of people to be served and eventually get admitted inside. When it was already our turn, we were surprised when the usherette told us that only first 50 people are going to be admitted inside.  I mean, for crying out loud, “First 50 are qualified for a photo shoot, is totally different from only first 50 people will be admitted in the activity area, which is not posted! What’s the point of securing a card and not get admitted inside?” We have the Gold Pawn Cards secured! We were in a total disbelief. Why on earth would they release a number of tickets, which the venue cannot accommodate? My stomach wiggled and rotated like they’re on a pit fire grill. I was very disappointed.

Since we do not want to ruin the day and dwell on this circus, we’ve decided to back-off and stayed in a corner, comfortable enough to see the stage, and waited – while standing.  Advertisements flashed that the activity will start at 12NN.  The delay added to our dismay when the show started at 2:30pmish!  I couldn’t help but count the number of chairs inside the venue.  I kept counting the seats together with the number of people arriving to witness the event.  Suddenly, a tall white American man, approached me and said, “Unfair isn’t it?  This venue can occupy at least a hundred heads, but you know – VIPs, if you know what I mean.”  then eventually showed me his Gold Pawn Card.  As we all patiently waited, I’ve noticed how the usherettes kept on adding more chairs to occupy the other guests for the event.  Ah the VIPs!  The celebrities!  The family members of the organizers!  The elite!  Then my curiosity flamed into anger, became fist-tightening rage at the unfairness of it!  What kind of organizers?  I thought.  What kind of system allows unfair gestures?  We have tickets (The Gold Pawn Card) for the event for the whole world to know!  I became very sad.

I felt like these people stole my chance – to shake Corey and Rick’s hands and have a photo shoot! I just love their show and the funny gags of an Old Man (Richard Harrison) and Chumlee! When Rick and Corey finally showed up on stage, the whole place suddenly roared like thunder bolt! It was so fun to see them here in Manila. The father and son tandem were so cool. I had fun, but I am so sure that this experience should’ve been better if the Old Man and Chumlee were here too, since both of them are my favorites! Yes, I am a fan!

History Channel made history in Manila!  It’s been six hours since I last saw the Pawn Stars – it’s already a history, in time it’s going to be part of my antiques – part of my memory – a chapter, but the story won’t end here.  I refuse to end the story this way.  The sad experience that my sister and I had just increased our appetite and longed for the better – we’ll see the guys in Vegas, maybe not as soon, but it’s sure is, part of my happy future, and when that time comes, I’m going to give the old man a BIG hug!

“Pawn Stars is the only reality show that doesn’t get you dumber after watching it!” – Corey Harrison