I had a great weekend with my friends Gulam, Johnvee, Ashish, and Adrian. We had a great couch potato as we enjoyed ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. India vs. Bangladesh.  Long weekend is over, but my mind is still hovering over the scenes of funny moments.

Fact: there’s nothing I like better than a long *weekend* that is spent with good friends whom I adore.

AJ, Ashish, Gulam and Adrian during the ICC Cricket World Cup, while drinking  Indian Tea.

Eating a chicken, prepared the Indian style that does not taste good. Yuck!

Johnvee, playing with Ashish laptop. Checkin some good music for the after game party. 🙂


Ashish was documenting the event. Check out this funny video.

I know for sure that it will make me terribly sad when they leave and go home to India but they taught me that,

“When it hurts to look back, and I am scared to look ahead. I can always look beside me and always find one of them, saying “AJ, everything’s going to be ok.”

Though miles lie between us, we are never far apart for friendship doesn’t count miles it’s measured by the heart.

I love you guys! 🙂