Random Thoughts 44

1. Went to work.
2. Worked
3. Late lunch with Gulam and Johnvee
4. Snack Box
5. Attended a long meeting with Adrian, Zha and other Supervisors.
6. Followed Gulam and Johnvee after work
7. Where? Gulam’s place.
8. What? Enjoyed couch potato.
9. Watched “National Geographic – Crocodile Fish,” “Just for Laughs”
10. Watched that movie of “The Rock”.  I forgot the title. 😦
11. Johnvee used to have that beautiful body, but unfortunately he caught a cold so “look at him now.”
12. Sadness
13. Gulam, Johnvee and myself waited for Mr. Bean show and ended up watching “Goofy.”
14. iPod
15. AJ has always enjoyed having couch potato with good friends.
16. AJ and Johnvee chilled at Starbucks before going home while Gulam prayed.
17. (Blank)


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