1. I had a good conversation with my friend Sam and couple of San Mig Lights at Mozu after work. Some thoughts and realization. Talked about friendship.

2. Human

3. I had a good dinner with Gulam and Johnvee today at Kebab Factory. At first, Gulam and I were both not feeling so well, so we decided to go down and have some break from work and take some fresh air when the three of us decided to go to Market Market. Johnvee got a good pair of pants and (as usual).  It was fun since Gulam thought me more new Hindi words. We were laughing at RP (Rusell Peters) and belly popped, but still I am dizzy and pukish. 😦

4. Gulam, my Muslim friend bought me “pok” barbecue (with an accent, which means, pork).  Cool! 🙂

5. I dream that love would not die. I prayed that God would be forgiving.

6. “Take it and go.” Lol! – When Ashish, my best friend tries to cheer me up.

7. Susan Boyle

8. Condemned

9. I am celebrating my craziness.

10. I’ve been to hell and back, but an angel was looking throughit was you.

11. Check-ups

12. We all have tremendous needs, and they’re all different needs. Trying to fulfill someone else’s needs adds to complications in my life. I have problems enough.

13. Green paints

14. Client visit

15. Demog

16. Resignations

17. Giving up

18. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone is almost the same as I don’t need to explain myself to anybody.

19. Chocolates

20. Footnotes

21. I am still sick.

22. Friendship

23. Pregnancy

24. Marlboro Lights

25. Shoes

26. Cellphones

27. It’s YOU and I, not us.

28. Disappointments

29. You are not the person who will turn my world upside down.

30. Broken Vow

31. Live Journal

32. I am not happy with the story of my stage play. It’s time to revise my script and change the characters in it.

33. It’s totally going to be a different weekend and I am very excited.

34. Cactus

35. Loneliness