My friend Rudy, during the PBA Game.

Rudy Hatfield: wow! that’s a real hassle!

Rudy Hatfield: yup. just got home. m off tomorrow and i went out with eric and some of our old buddies

kharen: cool. when are you gonna pay a v
isit here?

Rudy Hatfield: i just went to see if i have mails and saw you on-line. so i thought of dropping you a tag

kharen: ow! i appreciate that. m just doin somethin with my cam, take a nap after

Rudy Hatfield: oh! then i won’t keep you up then. m off to sleep myself!

kharen: m okay, you’re chattin with the vampire hehe

Rudy Hatfield: later friend!

kharen: aryt. good night. sleep well

kharen: thank’s for droppin

Rudy Hatfield: night! take care! anytime!