The other night was really crazy. There was no power in our subdivision. Unfortunately, I was not in the habit of hanging out, so I stayed with my sister at home and chat. We had a lot of reminiscing and laughed a lot, especially on that part when we talked about “Ewoks” – one of our favorite childhood movie.

Afternoon of that day, I bumped with a group of Indians at the mall while I was having my grocery and suddenly remembered Thomas, so I decided to send him a text saying, “Hi Thomas. How are you?” He is the kind of friend who replies to text messages ASAP and never fail to warm you up with his own sense of humor. He will always say, “I am a loser, you won’t find my jokes funny.” 😛 but that afternoon was different, there was no message from him. The idea made me a bit sad with the thought that he might have flown back to India, because I remember when he told me, Pradeep and Mary Anne that he might leave for India two weeks from that date that we had dinner together. Anyways…

As I was saying, I was having fun with my sister at home that night trying not to mind the fact that the warm weather was starting to annoy me big time, frying me like a turkey when suddenly Thomas texted and said, “Hey you. Hope you doing well. Am back home with a bad backache. I must be older than I thought. L What you doing?” Without a blink, his message got me Lol! This is one of the reasons why I really love my Indian friends, they never fail to make me giggle on simplest things and makes me forget my seasons of sadness. Not to mention that when we are at work, when they talk business, they really do. I remember I was taught by one of my former boss, he said, “AJ just do your job and do it –well.” I was very glad to realize that Thomas is still here in Manila. My other good friend Pradeep is having the time of his life in Costa Rica and might take some time to fly back here because of official business – “What do you expect from a WFM Global Head right? Busy bee!” He’s Bumble Bee no more, but instead Busy Bee! 😛 Oh! You should meet him, talks a lotta sense but sometimes his ideas and tantrums makes me go gaga! Especially when he hit my head when I play hard headed b*tch. Pradeep is like kuya to me. He is not afraid to slap me back to reality and never leaves me in times of trouble and sadness. I am so happy to have a confidant like him. I saw some of his pictures in Costa Rica, shared on Facebook and I bet yah!  My friend is enjoying big time.

As soon as I told Thomas about Pradeep enjoying his business trip, here’s what he texted me, “Hey. Sorry. Was sleeping early. Let me know when you are free sometime and will bug you. Anywhere. Don’t have to come to Eastwood. I will come where you are. Mary Anne birthday in 18. Pradeep seems very happy. He says the girls there as pretty as in Manila. Horny fellow. J” — And this got me laughing big time!

Now you know some of the reasons why I love them (my Indian friends) sooo much! (AJ with a big smile, reaching her nape!)