I had a great Sunday with my good friends Pradeep, Thomas and Mary Anne.  Thomas cooked one of his finest – Indonesian Rice and Vietnamese Salad.   His dish was really mouth watering that I decided to forget about my carbo diet “for the mean time.” 🙂  The beer was overflowing and the fun part was, I get to choose between Pale,San Mig Light or Jack Daniels as we waited for Thomas to finish his cooking. 😉  One rule from Thomas?  I  can booze all I can but he’ll hit the last drop! 😛  “Oke!”  (with an accent!)  Oh!  I am thinking if Gags can beat Thomas in a drinking session but he is also a beer drinker like me (drinks hard occasionally), while Thomas drinks almost everything. 😛

With my good friend and considered elder brother, Pradeep.

Well of course the (LOL!) will always be there whenever I am with my Indian friends.  It caught me laughing so hard when Thomas hit Pradeep’s head big time while he was doing his WFM Report for PV and didn’t mind it at all.   (As if nothing happened.)  Well, you should know Bumble Bee, (Pradeep).  You’ll be in a hell lot of trouble if you hit his head but when Thomaso hit him? … I guess that’s what good friends/brothers are for.

My dear Thomas serving me the Indonesian menu. Love!

It was so sweet of Pradeep that he managed to both attend work and friends at the same time when he decided to bring his lappy (laptop) at Thomas and make his report there and have fun with us at the same time  – “Any given Sunday.”

Getting all tipsy with my friend Mary Ann.

We talked about the future plans, friendship, expats, “the 20 years from now”, like where are our steps will bring us, how we will look in the future, if we’ll still see each other again, talked about careers, how to maintain focus at work, we also talked about Thomas’ clothes in India and Manila, Excel Sheets and of course the dishes that we love.  Funny was, Mary Anne and Thomas were rockin‘ their heads out on how to come up with a good excel format to consolidate the number of pants and socks that buddy have.   Lol!  “Oh man!” 😛  Thomas told me, “AJ when you are leaving on a jet plane, you need to learn to organize your things and be systematic” and I was like, “Yeskuya….” acting like a younger sister tryin‘ to figure out things he was saying. 🙂

I was amazed by the idea how different the choices of songs that my  three Indian friends have.  Pradeep made me laugh so hard when I let him listen to the selections that Ganesh uploaded on my iPod.  He said, “I’ll have brain hemo- with that!” 😀  I bet yah Bumble Bee doesn’t like House Music, while Thomas said, “That’s good with my beer!”  Then Thomas played his selections too and everyone burst out laughing as soon as he played his.  It goes something like this, “Oh tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree…”  and Pradeep were like, “Thomasdoes that something to do with age?”  Lol!  The funnier part was Pradeep shared his too (hardcore Hindi Songs) as he translated them for me so that I could understand.  He sings’em with passion, then pauses and then translates it for me, then plays the music again. Cool!   “Oh!  That’s how Pradeep spoils me!” 🙂  I wonder what Deep would play…

Oh name that tune Pradeep!

Thomas had fun that he said, we should have a get together every weekend and promised not to make himself all boozed so that he could hit Pradeep’s head harder!

I really love my Indian friends.