1. Watching Oprah, “Hell to the No!”
2. Eating Ice Cream on bed. Finishing the whole pint!
3. Great! Great escape, with my “Chickboys” during summer for sunrise and sunset watching beside the beach with my iPod, pack of cigarette and a bottle of cold beer.
4. Putting honey on extra butter microwave popcorn.
5. Eating shrimp tandoori as if there’s no tomorrow. Hell yah! I’d still it those, even allergy turns my skin red!
6. Singing on Celine Dion’s CD on top of my lungs in the car. You wouldn’t want to hear me. Otherwise you’ll never respect me the time we catch. LOL!
7. Eating three and half cups of rice and Adobo with my cousin Shampoo (Lowella) and then take a diet pill for sudden weight loss for gimmick. 🙂
8. Nachos with extra cheese at the movie theatre.