So what I have here are some glimpse, bits and pieces of everything.  I am a foodie and I love tying new dishes.  I am a “wanna be” cook!  Most often, I eat as if there is no tomorrow and then I take a diet pill for sudden weight loss to party!  I love reading.  I read almost everything that interest me, though I still do not qualify as being called a “book worm.”  I also love travelling, especially with family and good friends.  I click on almost everything, believing that each picture has its own story to tell so in my world, there is no such things as “bad photography”.  I keep my coffee hot, like really hot, enough to keep me company while I watch the world go by in silence.  I love meeting new friends, but I am in the process of knowing the ones for keeps.  I am not a big fan of surprises, but sharing a good laugh until I cry with good friends are moments, which I always consider priceless.  I still wish upon a star and still look forward to meet my fairy godmother.
Life is a series of surprises, so join me as I explore it, because as I have said, mine has not started yet.